In this section, you can find some frequently asked questions along with their answers about www.stylexstudio.com

I would like to know the price of your services or to get a sound & image budget. How should I ask for it?

In “contact” section you will find a questionnaire to fill in and ask for a concrete service. The answer will be sent within the next 24 hours. Furthermore, you can get in touch via telephone (666309804) or via email: contacto@stylexstudio.com

I am interested in recording, mixing or mastering but I have not listen your sound yet, is it possible to listen a sample of your work?

Yes, it is. We can send some demo samples to you, so you can check our sound quality. Moreover, if you need professional mastering, you can send us your own sample in wav 24bits & 96khz format. We will create a free mastered piece and will send to you.

If I need your services out of your studio, is it possible for you to move about?

1. In case we have to record an artist or a group it would be impossible due to the equipment characteristics. On the other hand, we can record outdoor sound using microphone boom and special recorders for films, events, interviews, etc.
2. We move about, national or internationally, to record video and photography. We will include travel costs and allowances according to the time the project lasts.

How should I make the payment? Is it possible to pay in instalments?

To confirm our service, the customer receives an invoice via email with the total amount. To be able to start our service, the half of the total amount should be paid and the other half will be paid at the end of the project. We do not start any service without this first payment. You can also pay in 3 or 4 instalments, depending on the work duration and characteristics. We remind that we do not make any service if the half of the invoice is not paid. The payment methods are bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Is it possible to listen or watch the work in progress?

Of course, if it is our customer desire, we can send samples of the work in progress in order to check the quality and so that the customer can give us his/her opinion. Suggestions are welcome.