Stylex Studio Contract.

This agreement contract intends to set up all the terms and conditons regarding the projects and services provided by Stylex Studio.



a. This contract establishes three main fields of action according to the type of service purchased:
i.Photography: There will be a reportage of photography at the date, time and location established by the photographer along with the retouching and delivery of the photographs.
ii. Video: The video project will be carried out within the date, time and location established by the videographer, as well as the editing and talonaje ( also ,color grading ) of the videos.
iii. Sound: This contract focuses on the artistic production, arrangements, recording, mixing and mastering of the projects.
This is the main reason why the CLIENT hires the professional services of Stylex Studio in the terms defined in the following clauses:


a. The company will make an estimate of the total amount of the project that the client must pay under a bank account, cash or Bizum for 50% of the total budget. The contract will become effective immediately after payment.
b. In case of bank transfer or Bizum, proof of payment must be provided.
c. The remaining 50% balance shall be due in full no later than 30 working days after the delivery of the project.
d. Double invoicing will be sent by Stylex Studio. The first one concerning the first payment of 50% of the budget and the second invoice, right upon delivery of the project with 50% of the remaining budget. Both invoices will include the operation date.
e. The fees and prices charged for the projects and services can only be established by Stylex Studio based on the client's needs.


a. The client must accept the originality of the sound, video or photography projects developed by Stylex Studio. By agreeing to be aware of the work they perform through their website ( or by the samples sent by Stylex Studio to the client through e -mail, wetransfer, Dropbox or social networks, it is well accepted that the originality may somehow change from the elapsed time between the begining the project and its full completion.
b. On the other hand, Stylex Studio will not be held responsible for the delivery of a defective video or photography material due to environmental issues such as rain, clouds, intense sunlight, poor lightning, snow or time delays caused by the client or third parties.
c. Stylex Studio will not be held responsible for the absence of visual material about people, objects or moments which had not been agreed upon, prior or during the events.


a. In terms of sound in recordings, the shedule will consist of 8 hours shifts counting from the arrival of the client or company, including breaks or trips.
b. In the case of video or photography, there will be a maximum of 10 hours a day, including rest and / or trip. If additonal coverage hours are requested, 250 euros + extra VAT will be charged


a. As for the recording, mixing and mastering, Stylex Studio will not be held liable for the delivery of material in poor conditions due to faulty technical equipment or lack of technical equipment provided by the client to Stylex Studio beforehand.
b. In terms of mixing and mastering, Stylex Studio is not responsible for poor quality material or poor condition audio delivery previously mentioned by Stylex Studio to the customer.
c. On the other hand, Stylex Studio will not refund the amount paid by the client, both partial (50%) or total (100%) of the initial budget.


a. Stylex Studio is not responsible for the locations, gestures, poses or absence of people during video recording or photography shooting.
b. In the case of events, the client must provide satisfactory coverage in terms of meals expenses during the whole working time period. If no meal is supplied, the client must pay for the per diem fees included in the budget by Stylex Studio.
c. No changes to video or film scripts will be allowed within a maximum period of 15 working days before the date of the event.
d. Sylex Studio will not be responsable for the models or technical equipment used by the client during the photo shooting or videos. If Stylex Studio considers that they should be changed, the client will have to replace them or hire different ones, whether from Stylex Studio or from third parties, with the approval of Stylex Studio.
e. In case of including new elements such as advertising, artists, the photo or video session event , Stylex Studio must be informed 15 days prior in order to readjust the initial budget, otherwise, Stylex Studio will not be obliged to make any changes, or even carry out the session.


a. Before starting the project (s) the client must provide:
i.Sound: Number of songs / tracks to work on.
ii.Video: Number of videos and duration required.
iii.Photography: Total number of photographs to be taken and edited.
If there were more than planned in the initial budget, the customer shall pay the difference and Stylex Studio could refuse and be exempt from performing the project, if so considered.
b. Stylex Studio delivery service. The clients will be delivered:
i. Sound: The tracks or sound samples in .wav or .mp3 format,delivered via USB or hard disk ( provided by the client ), wetransfer, Dropbox or Stylex Studio email address, depending on the circumstances.
ii. Video and photography: Videos and digital photos will be delivered in .mp4 or .mov format for videos, and .jpeg for photography. These may be delivered via, Dropbox or Usb / hard drive (paid or provided by the customer).
iii.Stylex Studio does not provide raw files to the client under any circumstances, whether video, photography or sound.
iv. The elapse time between the begining and the delivery of the project will be agreed on the day the first 50% of the total budget is paid.


a. Sound: The client may cancel the project with refund of the partial amount (50%) or total (100%) within the first 48 hours. Should they cancell it after this set time, the clients will agree to pay the full amount for the services listed above.
b. Video and Photography: In events, the client may cancel the project 15 working days after the payment of 50% of the initial budget or 100%. Stylex Studio will give the client a refund. Should they cancel after this set time, no total or partial refund will be mad , it being the agreed loss suffered by the Company due to the cancelation . If the If the event has to be postponed, the client may reschedule the dates of the event, never cancelling it, always taking into account Stylex Studio´s availability by common agreement. Once the event has been held, the client will agree to pay the project in full, despite the inconvenient situations that might have occurred.


a. If Sylex Studio shouls be unable to provide the services outlined in this contract for force majeure circumstances , such as blocked roads, traffic accidents, mechanical breakdowns, theft, snow, rain, illness or serious and justified circumstances, the client may postpone the date of the event but never cancel the project, not being able to claim any compensation when the causes are understood as justified.
b. Our studio relies on several hard drives with backups to safeguard all projects but it is not responsible for the loss of material due to broken hard drives.
c. In terms of delivery, Stylex Studio is not held responsible for saving and storing the delivered material. It is highly recommended to make a backup copy of the material in different media.


a. According to Intellectual Property Law (Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12), Stylex Studio reserves the right of exploitation, reproduction and public distribution of the material. Any use by Stylex Studio or its client outside the project is totally prohibited without their consent. The client or Stylex Studio will be the only ones who can decide upon its privacy by negotiating it from the beginning of the project.
b. In the case of minors appearing in videos or photographs, parents or guardians may decide whether to delete shots or photographs by writing to . With this, Stylex Studio will edit such material at no cost and immediately.


a. Stylex Studio offers a wide range of services, all of which are registered on our website For futher information or requests, please reach us via email or phone number included in the Contact tab of .